Our First Annual Surprise & Delight Cookie Event

Happy New Year.
I wanted to let you know that hands down, the best part of our job is when the cookies we bake are well received, enjoyed and appreciated by your friends, family members, business associates and you. We see ourselves as messengers and bakers, helping to express and deliver your sentiments in a warm, heartfelt and most personal way. For us, coming to work is not a job, it's a mission to do something special for our customers everyday. 
With that spirit in mind, I would like to start the New Year off with a theme that will come to embody what Geoff & Drew's is all about - "Spontaneous Surprise and Delight".
Each and every one of you is a valued partner of ours, and we would not be here today were it not for your loyalty and support. It's time to up the "good will" ante, and we're going to need your help. The first step is to include you in our business plan, and it's fairly straightforward -  to establish Geoff & Drew's as the most recognized and respected brand of cookies in the world. 
And here's how you can help us achieve our plan. I am asking for your ideas about what you would like to see from us in the years to come from products to packaging, marketing, customer service, new web features, pricing, public relations, community outreach, promotions and contests, sales and marketing ideas - anything you want to share, I would like to see. Reach me directly at drew@geoffanddrews.com - I welcome and look forward to hearing from you. Our goal, to be the best cookie company in the world!
Here's the surprise and delight part - all this month by entering code SURPRISE05 you will get 15% off on your orders.

Signature Gift Box


Birthday Basket




Loaded with 8 of our freshly baked cookies, adorned with maroon ribbon, accented by natural wraphia around its side.


Send Birthday wishes of good cheer with 16 fresh baked Geoff & Drew's Cookies for .

Baby Gifts


 Valentine's Boxes





 Our baby basket is loaded with 16 assorted cookies, 3 decorated shortbread cookies ,and 1/4 lb of jelly beans. Elegantly presented and adorned with pink trimmings.



Valentine's Day is just around the corner. This gift box is loaded with sweets and treats, and elegantly packaged with red groisgrain ribbon and baked with love.

Let's make 2005 an Incredible Year,


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