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At Geoff & Drew's we listen to each one of our customers, and our customers value one another's feedback. Let us know what you think.

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At Geoff & Drew's we appreciate your feedback and ideas




My husband Steven  sent me a box of your delicious cookies and brownies for Valentines Day.  All I can say is: it is not fair to the other cookies and brownies in the world. You have no right to be THAT GOOD!  I am now going to be forever disappointed by any other cookie.  I am equally sure any brownie other then yours will be a let down.  It is in my sincere hope that if my husband knows what is good for him he will continue to order cookies from you.  So thank you Geoff and Drew for making the most amazing delectable treats I have ever had the pleasure to eat.  I am sure they will miss me in the cookie aisle at the super market.  Now that my taste buds have been introduced to your products I don't think it would be fair to them to have store bought cookies.Sincerely,Fran Nudelman PS. Is it wrong that I won't share them with our kids? Just checking. Oh, and yes I did share some of them with Steven. (he says hi)!  FRAN


I meant to call you last week to describe the near trampling that took place here in Dallas by employees in our office who were allowed to partake in the most generous gift basket from y’all.  If possible, the yummy taste treats were even better than last year.   Alice


Thank you so much Carol! My brother-in-law called to tell me they had been delivered and that he would resist eating them until the party. I apprecite the above-and-beyond service and will certainly be a dedicated customer. This is my first order from Geoff & Drew's and after such great service, it won't be my last! Regards, Lyndy


All of the clients LOVE our brownie give-a-way. They are so delish.They are being consumed by various celebs and head honcho’s of major businesses. THANK YOU so much for everything….we will continue to order from you… WE LOVE YOU!! All the best,   Jody -Regional Manager, Virgin Limo

I recently ordered some cookies for a friend of mine, for her birthday. I placed the order by phone as I live in England. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and for getting the cookies to my friend so close to her birthday, she really enjoyed them! I will definately use your company again in the future.   Thanks! Claire

I wanted to share an AMAZING resource that you should know about. There is a Boston based company called Geoff and Drews. They make the most delicious cookies, brownies, candy treats beautifully boxed and freshly made to order. The best tasting stuff I have ever had. As Ellie would say, "Mom, Jenny Craig would scream, and she would"!!! One of the cool thingsabout them is that they are a very philanthropic company. They will make a donation to any charity that you request (discounts on group orders) so if you had a bar mitzvah "goodie bag" of these incredible cookies, there could also be a card inside that would say in honor of Ben's Bar Mitzvah a donation has been made . Carol their president is a very nice person. They have a lot of neshumah and a killer product. -Julie


Love your brownies!  I was next to your booth at the trade show last year in Vegas or somewhere. Anyway, I have sent several of my clients your goodies after I close loans with them.Thanks for making such yummy goodies. -Wanda 

Hi! - You wanted some feedback, so here it is!   Your cookies are FABULOUS!!!!   I was referred to you from a friend, and I just placed an order today.   I will absolutely refer my friends to you......and I work in a large hospital, so that should be a lot of new customers for you!    Do I get a discount for my referrals?!   :) Merry Christmas! -Kerri


Excellent customer service – here’s my story... One of my best friends was feeling really blue last night and I wanted to send him something for Thanksgiving because I couldn’t make it there to be with him and we would both spend the day alone. So, being a previous recipient of a Geoff & Drew’s gift basket, I thought it would be the perfect way to put a smile on his face. I placed the order online, and chose the overnight shipment option – it appeared that there would be a chance that it would make it on Thanksgiving, but no guarantee, and I wouldn’t have been too disappointed had the gift basket not arrived until Friday… Well, I received my confirmation email and then a follow up phone call that advised you wouldn’t be shipping today, but “since it’s just going to Roslindale, and you paid for overnight shipping, we’ll send a courier out there today.” *Gasp* Totally unexpected and totally uplifting that you care enough to make my special delivery even though I was late in placing my order. And then I found out that you really aren’t that close to Roslindale and it was even further out of your way than I originally thought. Thanks for caring. I will definitely buy from Geoff & Drew’s in the future and you will be my first choice when sending gifts – my friend was so happy and touched by this, as was I. Thank you for making my Thanksgiving a happy one. Best - Jen


To my "peeps", Dear family and friends, and others who are obviously special ('cause I'm sending this to you!)
I have had this on my heart to do for weeks, but with the holiday season but weeks away, the urgency has increased to share this delightful secret with you.  This is an unabashed grass-roots campaign to rally support for, and gain life long fans and customers of, a wonderfully delicious company.  For those who know me very well, you know I am the ultimate chocoholic. I have spent the last few weeks trying every cookie and brownie in sight, to make sure that I wasn't imagining the experience I had, in New York, in mid-September. Many tastings later, the verdict remains the same...I have found "Cookie Heaven", in Geoff & Drew's. It was while I was in New York, that I came into contact with the most moist, rich, succulent, heady tasting brownie that I have ever had...really, all that...and some cookies that were a festival to the tastebuds.  I AM URGING YOU...  check out the website for Geoff & Drew's, WWW.GDCOOKIES.COM , for some of the best cookies and brownies you've ever tasted.  The white chocolate, cranberry cookie melts in your mouth, with the the most subtle balance of sweet and tart, the chocolate chip is chewy, and rich and flavorful, and as I've already mentioned, the brownies are to lay down in the floor and scream over, and totally addictive.  What's even greater, is Geoff & Drew's prices are terrific, the packaging beautiful, and the size of these delectables, beats all I have ever ordered from anywhere else.  This is quality from beginning to end, and at a truly reasonable price. And, last, but not least, Drew Koven, Chief of 100% Customer Satisfaction, is a very warm, dedicated, and charming young man, who loves his business, and is committed to excellence. So before you do the "same old, same old", for your holiday gift giving, please visit this site, and pass the word on to any and everyone who you know likes sweets, or likes to give them as gifts.  Be the first to be in on this well-kept secret, before their store opens up in New York City. For Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, bosses, engagements, births, weddings, whatever special occasion, or special person you want to impress, these freshly baked gifts, (baked daily) will leave a lasting impression.!!! PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.........           Love, and Cookies - Tracy
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful shopping experience.  I had an order which was shipped to a building that was behind a strike picket  line which was returned.  Your customer service representative was wonderfully understanding and reshipped the order to a different address with no additional charge.  It's a very nice thing to see a company do the nice thing, even when you could have charged me for another order. I am now a loyal Geoff and Drew's customer for life. Thank you - Alex V.
Your cookies and brownies are out of this world, absolutely scrumptious.  Thank you, - Terri

Geoff & Drew’s “cookie & brownie emporium” (my words) was across from our booth in Seattle in June.  They fed those of us who manned the both for two days, and they fed us with some of the most delectable sweets you can imagine.  Some of their treats were those you put in your mouth and immediately say: “Wow, this is rich.  I better eat only a few!” If you want to use their culinary perfections to leave a great and lasting impression on your clients or just for the office, I highly recommend you give them a try. - Jim


 Some of you know that I have the sweet tooth of an 8 year old.  Their confections are some of the best I’ve ever tasted!  (No, I am not getting a commission nor are we in a JV with them!) - Mike


Your cookies are RIDICULOUSLY good!  Amazing!  Thank you so much for your generosity.  - Aaron


 Stephanie just called elated……the box was delivered and she is having a "moment."  I dont know what thrilled her more the pretzels or those cookies.  She hid the box and normally she is extremely generous.  So she called in one of our VP and told her about Geoff and Drews, very upscale, yada yada, and Michelle (the VP) said OK give me something.  Stephanie was like order your own.  It was hilarious.  But she gave her a brownie and the girl is still saying oh my god…….”   just polished off a brownie and I dont know if this is possible but I think they got even better than the last time. Thank you very much!!!!!  - Alice


A friend of mine sent me a basket of your cookies. My friend's gift idea has led me to find a new and one of the top choice places to order cookies, whether it is for a friend or for business. Thank you and please keep up the great quality. It is really nice to know that we have a local company that can satisfy any taste. Warm regards, -Neil
I want to tell you how pleased I was with my recent order from you.  The cookies were delivered promptly, and they were fantastic-  my daughter absolutely loved them and couldn't stop raving about them.  In fact she said they were amazing. Your service was impeccable, your product incredible.  I have already recommended you to many of my friends. Thanks again. -Marian P.
I LOVE YOUR COOKIES...i usually don't like store bought when i found you guys on the web ages ago and ordered, i've been hooked ever since...i order your cookies for many, but only those who'll share :) -Ije O.

I just received the cookies - and they are good!!!!!! Wow!!!!! You've got an incredible product!!!!! Thanx so much. -Gary J.
Wow.  The cookies are the best I can remember having, and the wrapping and presentation is superior to anything I've seen.  Thanks for letting us onto a great gift idea. All the best, -Andy C.
Our custom sales team LOVES the cookies. One guy just said, “best cookie ever. Thanks again!! I'm very popular in the office today! -Ashley S.
Everybody was impressed with the quality of the cookies and the packaging.  Our marketing folks have bookmarked the website for this fall when we start planning our corporate gifts this year. -Jon T.

I am sending this order of cookies to my dearest friend who is a chocolate chip maven.  I chose Drew and Geoff because of the rave reviews and the buzz around you guys !  We desperately need something to believe in these days, and if that job falls to the cookie, so be it. Bless you and thank you, -Jeri G.
Well the reviews are in. The cookies were a giant hit. Although I was lucky to get a bite. Thanks, -David S

I would definitely recommend you to friends and family - the brownies I was lucky enough to receive were the most delicious things I had ever tasted!!!  I hope the cookies that I have just sent to an associate will be just as great! -Denise B.


Your cookies were awesome! I missed out on the brownies but was able to bargain for a bite and it was in fact the yummiest bite of a brownie I ever had. I tried to bargain for more but to my dismay no one would give in. Everyone talked about the cookies and brownies throughout the weekend. -C.J.

I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that I just got a call from Amy and she and her daughter received your double size order today and they LOVED it!! I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your staff for providing such wonderful service and the best brownies and cookies ever. Sincerely, Ron P.
I just wanted to let you know that the Valentines Day Chocolate Chip Cookie we ordered was delicious! We were concerned that with the snow storm that day, our order would not arrive on Valentines Day, but it did and we enjoyed it for desert... and then for breakfast the next day! Thanks again! -Angel
Thanks for this. Our friend was very thrilled with the gift, and says the cookies were fabulous and great for sharing with her family. I used to live in the USA and now live in England, and do like to send presents to old friends there from time to time - so I will certainly hope to use you again, and would recommend you. Books and flowers have always been easy to send, but your cookies made a nice change, and your service was excellent. Regards -Moira
The Valentine's chocolate arrived on time and in good shape.  My wife was very happy when she opened the decorative outer box and the the heart shaped box to find what she said as, "they are all individually wrapped and it looks and makes me feel so rich".  The quality of the chocolate was extremely pleasant to the taste and the glow from my wife that night was priceless.  Thank You and I would recommend your product to others.Sincerely, -Paul
Thank you so much for shipping my two orders on time. My sister and my brother and law loved that the cookies were sent from their kids. My mother and father both said that the are best cookies that they have ever eaten. Both orders were received on Valentines day which was perfect. Thank you again. I will be using your company again in the future. A happy customer, -Karen
Thank you for providing a first rate product! The cookies and brownies reached my three daughters by Valentine's Day and received sincere rave reviews from all three. I've bookmarked Drew's Cookies.  -Tom K.
We My husband and I think the brownies and cookies are totally SCRUMPTIOUS - AND addictive!  Certainly as good or better than any I've ever baked........ Thanks for attentive customer service. -Madlyn R.
Hello, there.  i am a new customer and i am so delighted to have found you.  i am a cookie nut!  about 27 years ago i took a high paying job so i could save money to open a cookie store.  as luck would have it i was injured and so the story goes.  anyway, i have tried many retail cookies and have never had any as good as yours.  i truly mean that.   i just had to say thanks for such a great product. -Paula P. Novato, CA

I placed an order with your company for Valentine's Day for my son in Hawaii.  I just wanted to tell you he said that your cookies and brownies were the 'best he ever had'.  Thank you for offering such a great product and for having a very easy to order website. It's not always easy to be the 'best mom in the world', but your product accomplished that for me this Valentine's Day. Thank you so very much.  Sincerely, Carol T.
Just a quick note to give a "Texas-sized Thank You !!!" to you and everyone at Geoff & Drews that made our holiday gifts to our clients a huge success!   To the best of our knowledge (for the direct-ship group), the gifts were all delivered correctly and within the timeframe we had hoped for.  Awesome job !!  We have received wonderful compliments on the "decadent" cookies.  Other accolades include:  "amazing! (chomp, chomp)",  "sooooo yummy !!!!",  "I have 10 people following me -- I feel like the Verizon wireless network ....", "the cellophane was being ripped away before I could set the basket on the table!", "first-class !!!", "incredible!!!! " .... and on, and on.
The shipment that came to our offices were in perfect order, well packaged, and disbursed within a matter of hours.  My first impression was the order was executed perfectly -- the correct number of each size gift, and the excellent packaging to ensure they did not arrive crumpled or disorganized. All in all, your treats conveyed the "extra-special" level of thanks we wanted to show our clients this year and, most importantly, got our name in front of our clients in a memorable way. 
Special thanks to you for your speedy help.  It is truly remarkable to find a vendor that gets the order PERFECT, and delivers in the timeframe you promised, and within the costs we calculated.  I am immensely grateful for your care and professionalism.   Thank you also for OUR gift.  It was much appreciated and -- as you may have predicted -- disappeared within minutes.  We are so happy to have found Geoff & Drews! Best wishes for the holidays !! Sincerely, Andrea T.

HEY! Let me tell ya, these are the best brownies ever! I just wanted to get it as a gift for my friend. I thought well why should I give her something that I haven't tried myself. So, I got myself a box too. I took my first bite and then I running out of my room and shouting,  YES! and OH MY GOSH! and IT'S MAGNIFICENT! Everyone came running to see what my big fuss was about. But, I felt I had to keep it a secret! I wanted them all to myself. Then after about 30 minutes, I went door to door sharing my brownies. I shared with about 20 people. So, I had a bite and that was good enough. Now I have to go give this other box to my best friend. She will share with me, I hope! Being here in Iraq, we miss so much of home, like real food, family and close friends. I would like to say Thanks. You didn't have to ship these half way across the world to me, but you did, and I appreciate that. I will tell all my friends and family back it the states and here about your company.  Have fun,
SPC Sherline Martensen
Unit 43208 HSC, DSTB, 1CD Camp Liberty, Iraq

Hi there- I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic product you have. I have given your cookies and brownies many times as gifts, both personal and corporate and the response is always fantastic! I believe everyone I have
sent gifts to has saved your card and information for their future orders. I hear the appreciation both from the quality of the product and the presentation. So thank you for making gift-giving a cinch. It's so nice to have a gift that fits so many tastes and occasions. Keep up the good work!
My best, Liz H. Boston, MA

Thank you so much for sending the cookies and brownies.  They are the "BOMB", Fantastic! I shared them with a reporter and will let you know what happens.  Art Smith, Celebrity Chef

I had to let you know how much I appreciate your excellent goodies that surpass all others! I had you send my sister a box of your brownies for her birthday for she is a choco-holic like myself. I'm a first time customer and couldn't be more pleased with your outstanding product and customer service. I will be back. Here is a quote from my sister's e-mail after she received Geoff & Drew's brownies. The subject was entitled OH MY GOD!! "Those brownies are TO DIE FOR!!!  They are so delicious, they practically make my eyes roll up in my head!!!  I'm glad the word got out what a "choco-holic" I am! I don't know how you found that company, but those are definitely in the category of best things I've ever eaten!" Gratefully yours, Debra J. M.


I ordered an assortment of your cookies and brownies for my colleagues and I to try.  You would have been
proud of the sounds of enjoyment emanating from each one of us and we enjoyed every bite of the cookies. 
I have already placed another personal order and a gift basket for my colleagues to enjoy pre-Thanksgving.  Keep up the good work. David A.


Congratulations on creating the best cookie on earth. My wife and I moved up to Boston from Manhattan two years ago and as part of a housewarming gift from a local friend, received our first ever batch of your cookies. After the first bite they didn't stand a chance...needless to say we now have a "go-to" gift everytime we want to send a thank-you to someone.  I read a little bit about your story - very impressive! Sounds like you guys are doing great and having fun. Scott B.
As you can see, our clients are loving the Geoff & Drews.  Thank-you so much!!!!   Stephanie is craving them and Francys is now pregnant and truly craving them!!!  HAHHA - I am going to go on line as well and order some brownies/cookies for the office, they love them (who are we kidding, “I” love them)!!!! Thanks again for making uslook so good. Alice R
Well once again your service has been superb, outstanding and unmatched. I ordered a basket for my wife's birthday. I logged on and received some online chat help regarding a change of delivery date to arrive on her birthday. After her birthday gifts early this morning (before work), UPS showed up later in the afternoon with the extra delicious gift! Thank you so much for the superior product and service. I look forward to many more orders with you and I have been telling everyone of your site and delicious treats. All the best,   Joe H.
We are a family of brownie fanatics.  Always searching for the perfect recipe.  These were a gift from a friend (which you may have figured out from the order), and we're done searching.  They have a perfect fudgy texture and are delicious.  Yes, I will recommend them to all my friends, and I'm so excited that you're local!  Let me know if you want to expand and are looking for capital.  Really; they were that good. The brownie recipient - Dana Z.

First a big thanks again. Now my confession. I had never heard of Geoff & Drew's. I wanted to send my chocolate loving girlfriend a package just to let her know I was thinking of her. I went to Mrs. Fields who does not just send brownies. When I finally found what I thought would work, the price was a bit steep for me. So, I hit my trusty Amazon, where I came across exactly what I was looking for & the price was great. So, I email the company on Sunday, honestly thinking some customer service person would get back to me in a few days. But no, you do & very quickly. I was impressed. So, I started to do a little research on your company, went to the site, googled your name & read on how many rewards you have received & how your business got started. Then I started to tell all my friends how your business came about, your email response on a Sunday no less & the great selection & prices of your products.  I just thought you might like to know, since I know a business grows by word of mouth. All that hard work & dedication, especially on a Sunday, pays off!! Thanks again Drew. & Yes, feel free to name a cookie after me. HAHA!..Celina
I have to tell you that my parents received the brownies today and all they could say was "Oh my."  They both said that they were by far the best brownies they've ever had, without a doubt!! Your customer service has been impeccable for several reasons:  (1) I emailed you about the omission in my order and you promptly replied to me on a Sunday (from your Blackberry no less!); (2) you never questioned that they did not receive the brownies; (3) you sent the brownies via overnight mail; and (4) you sent 8 when my original order included only four.I would say this is the pinnacle of great, responsive, customer service.  As a result, I will certainly be ordering from your company in the future (both for myself and for gifts), and I have already relayed this story to several people, who were similarly impressed.  Rest assured that I will do everything I can to spread the word about Geoff & Drew's. Bravo - David
I am in love with Geoff and Drews!!!! My freshman year at Harvard they were just a local delivery system sending cookies to college kids all over Boston and several of the delivery guys quickly became my new best friends:)  My parents even had your info so they could send cookies to my friends and I during tough exam periods.  Everyone I ever dealt with there was super nice and accomadating and I know good food (my sister is a chef) and even she thinks the cookies are excellent!  While it was a bit heartbreaking to return sophomore year and discover that you were no longer "late night cookies" and were instead a much more legitimate business, I was happy to see that more people were going to benefit from your delicious treats. I wish you all the success in the world and will DEFINITELY continue to reccommend your cookies to EVERYONE I know.  All the best, -clearly if you ever need someone to speak on behalf of the greatness that is geoff and drews you know who to call- Marisa L.
I just received my cookies this afternoon and I have to tell you that those cookies are FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I had been looking for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie for quite sometime and Mrs. Fields, Famous Amos, and Marshall Field's just were not cutting it for me. I can taste the butter, eggs, and chocolate and it feels wonderful! I have found my cookie. Hats off to you. You have a customer for life! A very satisfied customer - Carmil Q.
They were absolutely the best brownies !! Thank you for sending these. YOU have a customer for life now...I am impressed with the product and the excellent customer service I received from you Drew. I will continue to order from your company. WHAT else do you sell besides brownies and what is your website? I have passed your company on to my friends and family....again thanks. Lorina L.
I have to tell you, the "Get Your ‘foot' in the Door!" cookie was the perfect gift for reintroducing myself to my customers.  They really appreciated the thought and it was catchy and delicious at the same time.  It made for an easy follow up call to my customers once my ‘foot' was already in the door!   Colin B.

It is VERY obvious that you guys take your cookies as serious as people who love them and work very hard to maintain the reputation you've built.  One thing I love almost as much as good cookies and brownies is quality companies in America who take pride in what they do and are committed to providing customer experiences that not only satisfy peoples basic expectations but "Wow!" their customers with a level of caring well beyond what anyone would expect.  Luckily for me Geoff and Drew's provides BOTH. Mark M.


Thank you for the cookies, They're DELICIOUS!  It was a pleasure to meet you and we'll keep you in mind while we develop the show. Greg B.  Author & Comedian
Hi, Just saw your note asking whether or not I would recommend Geoff and Drew's Cookies to a friend and YES, I most definitely would.  I know that a few of my friends have ordered from your company after receiving the cookies as gifts from me.  The cookies are delicious, delivery is fast and the web site is easy to navigate.  I only wish there was a Geoff and Drew's retail store... Thanks very much. Patty G.
Your cookies were fabulous! My daughter sent them to me for Mother's Day and I want to send these delicious treats to everyone I know. Not a Crumb left- They were SUPER!  We loved everything from beginning to end, The product, packaging, the presentation was perfect. It put a smile on my face!!! Edible Delight! Carolyn, MD

Well the best feedback I can give is that your brownies never made it off the ship. The other Sailors who managed to get some thoroughly enjoyed them good job and keep making a great product.  Also great job on the shipping
there was NO delay and considering your cookies had to go all the way to off the coast of Africa, well that says a lot.
Thanks again.  V/r RP1(FMF) James Becker


I would DEFINITELY recommend your company to all of my friends, colleagues, and relatives.  Carol took very good care of me and allowed me to send my son a very special birthday present. Thank you for hiring & retaining great people!  BR - Marty A. Needham, MA

My son told me these were some of the BEST cookies (short of my own) he'd ever eaten!!  Thank you so so much for the wonderful basket.  And the opportunity to complete his Easter surprise!!  The gift was perfect!!  Enjoy your day!!  Smiles...and thank you for bringing smiles to faces all over everyday!! Tina M. H. Houghton Lake, MI

This is SGT Perkins again.  Sorry it has been so long since I got back to you, but I found out a few days ago that it only took 2 weeks for my friends to get your delivery, which is amazing since they were out on a mission at the time, and the cookies got lifted in with an airdrop by helicopter that was bringing them all their other resupply as well as mail.  I received no word til they got back, but apparently they were a bit surprised to receive a huge box of cookies while out in the desert!  You have received rave reviews from them as well as myself. I really want to thank you again for all that you have done for us - it is a wonderful morale boost to get mail, and then to open it up and have all the good food you guys have!  I haven't had the brownies yet, but one of my friends up north has insisted that I order some.  Thanks again for your business and your service to us.  We really do appreciate it! SGT Amy Perkins - Baghdad, Iraq
I love sending your cookies as gifts and Thank You's - packaging is very nice and the cookies always live up to receiving good compliments - thanks again for the great job! Sylvia A.
The cookies were beyond delicious. Curtis R.
We received the samples today and they were instantly devoured by editors. Thank you! The packaging is really pretty. Many thanks again! Betsy G. - Modern Bride Magazine
I have been purchasing your cookies for over 4 years out of your Brighton MA location.  I often stop by to purchase your amazing cookies and when I say amazing I couldn't be more sincere.  Thanks for your great cookies!  I have told all my friends colleagues and even strangers looking for the perfect gift. May your cookies live forever!! Karellis R.
Wow - that was the fastest fulfillment confirmation yet!!!  Thank you -!! :) I love sending your cookies as gifts and Thank You's - packaging is very nice and the cookies always live up to receiving good compliments - thanks again for the great job! Sylvia B.
The cookies were great! I will be ordering from them again and I would recommend to everyone! After I ordered you sent an email wanting to know what my husband thought about them, you are geniuinely interested in what your customers think about the product and it shows in your product! Wonderful! Randall M.
Just wanted to let you know that my friend was absolutely ecstatic in regards to her gift.  Again, I am so grateful that you were able to send it so quickly for it to reach there on Valentine's Day!  She also said the chocolates were absolutely delicious! Thanks again, Marilyn T.
Thank you a lot!  I had been prepared to give my boyfriend a late valentine's gift. This is really so nice of you to make sure it gets there it time by upgrading the shipping. I will definitely highly recommend you to all my friends and be one of your long-term customers. :-) Best Regards, Xiaoxi J.
Well, I told you that I intended to order again after your very generous handling of the order to my son at Christmas time.  I asked him later about what he thought of the cookies and everything - he said they were very good.  So I'm looking forward to my own order getting here.  I would definitely recommend Geoff & Drew's to a friend or family member!  Diane M.
I want you to know that the oatmeal cookies I sent a friend for Christmas were received with rave reviews! They said the cookies were delicious, beautiful, and the gift box was a keeper! Everything about the gift was greatly appreciated. Thanks for sending such good cookies and sending them so attractively. Next year I'll order a box for myself as well! Lynn C. an oatmeal cookie lover
Just got my order of cookies (sent myself a Valentine's present) and love the cookies! I'm sharing them with others in my office and they love them too. GOOD COOKIES!  R.M.
Absolutley perfect. Product was fresh and tasty. First time for me ordering food online. was worried about freshness. Product seemed almost straight out of the oven. Fast and very helpful when contacted. shipping was faster than estimated. Try Geoff & Drew's - you wont regret it. Ken H.
Thanks for the UPS service upgrade. I'm deployed to Iraq so this is the only way I can reach out to my three girls for Valentines Day. I really appreciate your support. Allan S.
I am highly impressed by your company's initiative to have gifts delivered by Valentine's Day. Thank you for your time and I will definitely be ordering from you again. Patrick M.
We just had our meeting and everyone was nicely surprised about the brownies.  Please let Geoff and Drew know the brownies are absolutely delicious. I have never tasted a better brownie!!!!  Everyone in the group raved about them and I was sure to tell them that they are from Geoff and Drew.  Thank you again for all your help!!! Thomasina N.
Thank you very much for ensuring that the gift reaches on Valentines' Day by US Eastern standard time. I really appreciate this and see it as excellent customer service. This is the first time I have used your company but I will definitely make sure that I use your company for all future such occasions and will reccomend it to friends and colleagues. Regards, Osman A.

Here is the scoop...."what is in those cookies, they are the best cookies I ever tasted" sister who took a little bite out of her daughter's "birthday batch"!  YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! She said she is going to order your cookies as gifts now too! I love to spread a good thing. THANKS!!! Heidi N.


I'm just writting to let you know that the order was delivered today just in time for my Uncle's Birthday. He was just tickled and very happy with the brownies. Thanks, Ellen M


I received your cookies, brownies and buttercrunch and they are without question, the best baked goods I have ever received  and your customer service was excellent.  Thought you should know. Lorraine H.


Taste.  Wow.  Really... we had several friends over on Friday night for dinner as well as a group on Saturday night.  Needless to say, the brownie was devoured.  The brownie is very rich and full of chocolate.  You can seriously only eat small bites of it at a time because it is such a chocolate overload.  We actually cut it into pieces and served it warmed in the microwave for a few seconds with either whipped cream or ice cream.  This was one of the best quality items, with rich flavor and a must for any chocolate lover...  Stephan Duncan


I want you to know that the oatmeal cookies I sent a friend for Christmas were received with rave reviews! They said the cookies were delicious, beautiful, and the gift box was a keeper! Everything about the gift was greatly appreciated. Thanks for sending such good cookies and sending them so attractively. Next year I'll order a box for myself as well! Lynn C- an oatmeal cookie lover

I received the shipment this week, and I wanted to actually try the goods before writing back to you with the official review and well....THEY'RE INCREDIBLE. Seriously, you weren't kidding about the chocolate content! These are without question the best damn brownies I've ever had. Not only will I be ordering more, but I'm passing this info along to everyone I know. Truly impressive (and I am a really tough critic by the way when it come to baked goods). Can I buy stock in the company or open a franchise? Ha! Really, thanks so much for these delectable treats. Thanks again and forever bidding you safe passage in taking over the world of superior chocolate creations... Best, Will K.


I ordered my manager a get well basket of chocolate chunk cookies and brownies.  She couldn't name her favorite they were both outstanding and the packaging was great. Kathy G. 


This has to be the easiest review to write because it's about a website where you can order cookies that are so good that you'll be spoiled for life. the packaging is also great - very classy. perfect for new baby, anniversary, birthday, corporate, etc. you can also shop by price, and unlike most sites i've seen, they have plenty of selections that are less than $25. Jill G. 


You get MY vote for 100%+++ for total satisfaction. Wendy W.


My girlfriend and I had planned a vacation to Zion Park in Utah, unbeknownst to her I was planning on proposing. I wanted to do everything possible to make the trip perfect. I decided to have a dessert sent to our hotel room.  My girlfriend is a real choco-holic, and she sure was satisfied with the assortment of brownies we received. She says she would have said "yes" anyway, but Geoff and Drews' awesome desserts didn't hurt. Thanks for your great customer service and brownies so good she said "yes". Damian Spieckerman


WOW!   Let's see.   Upon receipt, I personally ate one sleeve of the cookies and a portion of the brownies. My wife really liked your brownies.  My daughter loved your cookies.  Our neighbors are forever indebted and now know of Geoff and Drew's from Boston! Jason D.


I wanted to express my sincerest thanks for your understanding and prompt response to my delivery issues this week.  I realize that it was a UPS mistake, but you and your team addressed the problem promptly and with great care.  This was an important gift to me, and it makes a huge difference to see that your company understood the importance of it...I am thrilled to see customer service is at the forefront of what you do. I will certainly be using your services again, and will highly recommend you to others. Best Regards, Jill P

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the cookies being delivered on time & for the presentation of the gift box etc. Much appreciated. Rest assured that they've all been eaten & enjoyed by the birthday girl :-)   Thanks again, Chris K.


I just wanted to thank you, on behalf of all the staff here for our, oh so, sweet "Birthday" gift, courtesy of you, and the folks at Geoff & Drews. YUM!!!!!! You are too much!!!! I do hope that one of these days, I'll get a chance to meet ya in the flesh. This, as I'd just love to give ya a big hug!!!! We love ya!!! Thanks again, for all the tasty goodies, we really do appreciate them. Take care of yourself, will keep in touch. PEACE!!! Rob B.


This is to let you know that our stations really appreciate their Geoff & Drew's birthday gifts.... Arlene M.


Just wanted to let you know that the cookies I ordered were received.  The recipient started on the brownies first and she stated that they were "out of this world delicious".  I must say - I have yet to try a G&D's brownie, but after that unsolicited testimonial, I'll be ordering again soon. Thanks again, Dale


Your company seems to be one of the few that will ship to an APO address.  I'm sure that my buddy, TJ, working on a road construction crew in Afghanistan, will enjoy the treat. Bill Y.


Got the cookies in Iraq and they were a big hit with me and the other soldiers.  Big fan of oatmeal raisin. Thanks - Captain Steve D.


Just wanted you to know that we have been getting an overwhelming response of thank you emails for the cookies. Everyone loves them! So thank you very much to you and your staff for and outstanding job!! Christine D.


Thanks so much for the fabulous cookies today.  We actually inhaled them, they were gone so fast.  Thank you and of course, we will continue sending orders your way. Arlene M.


Cookies were received today and they were a BIG hit.  My girlfriend loves them.  Just wanted to say thanks for making a guy seem like a superstar.  Have a wonderful night, and I look forward to ordering from you folks in the future. Chuck T.


Your cookies are the talk of the town.  Many special thanks for the cookies. Thanks greatly. Carmine C.


The cookies were a HUGE hit - both at the office and at home. My co-workers thoroughly enjoyed the delicious morsels I brought back and fought with each other to take some home with them. And my husband was in heaven! Needless to say, the cookies were gone come early Saturday afternoon! Thank you so very much for going above and beyond to get the basket together for me! I sincerely appreciate it! And you can bet that I'll be ordering from you again in the future (the heck with Christmas shopping - I'll just order cookie baskets)! Dianne C.
Quick shipping,great product. Mike J.
The cookies were a gift. They arrived promptly, nicely packaged, and tasted good. Stephanie W.
The cookies were the perfect gift for my mom. Delicious and not too expensive. Tiffany L.
Thank you for your great service!  Those are some of the best cookies we have ever had! Jenn Y.
When I don't fit in to my wedding dress it's your fault.  WOW are those brownies to die for.  My idea of the perfect day would be a good book, cup of coffee & those brownies.  The Staff thanks you.  Renee

Quick shipment, delicious cookies! yummy in my tummy! Joshua G.


Great cookies good service. Claire L.


The cookies were great & brownies were to die for!! Cindy P.


Just wanted to share another happy customer with you! The responses we have received have been great, everyone loves the cookies!!! Thank you, Christine.


These are by far the best brownies I have ever had in my life. Jenn M.
Thank you very much for the box of cookies!  They arrived in perfect condition, and didn't last the day!  I will be happy to use your services. Barb K
The cookies melt in your mouth, absolutely decadent. Michelle.

Thank you for a great order. I had it sent to my 96 year old grandmother and she raved about them. I was so pleased - will do business again. Carrie M.


The cookies are here and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for rush ordering them for us. I am sure they will become a staple in our arsenal of giveaways. Super job. Alison, NBC


There was a very helpful woman helping me on the phone a little while ago with an order.  I wanted to thank her, and let her know my system does not allow pop ups so I did not get the invitation for the online chat she sent, but did get her phone message and do so appreciate her help. Ann S.


The cookies were awesome and they made certain the gift arrived on time!!!! Could not be happier!!! Bruce M.


My mother loved the cookies and they arrived before mother's day. Suzanne M.


There was a very helpful woman helping me on the phone a little while ago with an order.  I wanted to thank her, and let her know that I did get her phone message and do so appreciate her help. Ann S.


Thank you for a great order. I had it sent to my 96 year old grandmother and she raved about them. I was so pleased! Will do business again.  Carrie M.


We got them yesterday and we are so enjoying them! Oh my gosh! They are soooooooooooooo wonderful! I will order them myself next time I need something special. Thanks again!  Jane


The cookies and brownies are delicious!! Rave reviews from the entire office. Annie H.


We got a gift of your cookies yesterday and we are so enjoying them! Oh my gosh!  They are soooooooooooooo wonderful! I will order them myself next time I need something special! Thanks again! Happy Selling! Jane B.


I just received the baskets of cookies and they're absolutely incredible as promised!!! Thank you so much - everyone will love them. I'll be ordering again very soon! Christine.G.

These are the best cookies I've ever had and the team agrees. Drew you have made me quite a popular person in the office and you have a lot of new friends here. L.H.


I was totally & pleasantly surprised that a package I ordered arrived 1 and 1/2 days after I ordered it. "THANKS!" Will C.


This has to be the easiest review to write because it's about a website where you can order cookies that are so good that you'll be spoiled for life. Jen G.


Drew - Thank you for the great box of cookies.  The positive press reviews that you have received are certainly examples of Truth in the Media!  Scott G.


And I would like to say that your cookies are the best I've had in my whole life! This is not the first time I ordered them. They are amazingly delicious. -Hesh H.


"Drew - these are the greatest cookies on the planet!" - Randall W. 


I received the cookies and brownies today. I am amazed at how great a confection you make. The cookies: light, rich, with a great caramelized taste. Amazing symphony of taste. I can just imagine how good they are right out of the oven. And the brownies: they had the best chocolate flavor, and the texture of a souffle. Anyway, you have a devoted fan in the desert. Thanks so much. - Ben B. (Soldier in Iraq)


 I received the order yesterday. I thought the cookies were delicious, but just to confirm, I shared them with my co-workers. Judging by the way they disappeared, you make a darn good cookie. I think you may have some more customers! Thanks." - Matt M.


"AWESOME! I tried the oatmeal raisin, and do consider myself a cookie expert. The cookie was delicious and yielded the perfect consistency of crunchiness and chewy ness. A delightful 3:00 snack." - KB


Thanks for the cookies and brownies you sent over. They were a hit. The reviews keep pouring in. "Like nothing I've ever tasted" said one rave review for the biscotti." - Scott E.


On behalf of Mr. Buffett and the rest of the staff, I wanted to thank you for the generous assortment of goodies you sent our way.  Everything was delicious and the cookies, especially, went very quickly.  We appreciate your thinking of us." - Debbie B., Asst. to Warren Buffett


"My order arrived before the delivery estimate. And the cookies were delicious! Thanks!" - Lynn


"Very accommodating. Needed to make changes, not a problem." - Jason


"Wonderful service - Wonderful cookies! - Cynthia


"The cookies are incredibly delicious and fresh. No yucky preservative taste. Late delivery was generously and promptly corrected and compensated for." - Mary


"Excellent quality, arrived promptly. Many thanks!" - Deon


"The cookies were delivered on time for valentine's Day and apparently were delicious (he didn't eat his lunch, just cookies!)" -LL


"Great service & great products. Very accommodating when I made a mistake on my order." - Cathy


"The cookies arrived on time and were so yummy! They were fresh and packed nicely. I would order through Geoff & Drew's Signature Cookies in a minute." - Jen


"Arrived on time and very yummy." - KC


"Excellent service. Everything as promised and very responsive to inquiries." - Victor


"It was an ideal gift! Well enjoyed!! Fresh & Delicious!" - FS


"This was a gift for a family member and they said that the cookies were excellent." - Robert


"The Biscotti are amazing." MZ


"The Goods are exactly as advertised very happy, delivery was very quick." - MS


"Those biscotti are incredible!" - Jeff S.


"6 days to an APO! Nice customer service." - RO


"This was a gift to an avid coffee and chocolate friend. She received the order in a timely manner and raves about how good the coffee and chocolate were. I will definitely have to try them myself." - LH


"I sent this as a gift and received great thanks." - JC


"I received my order and the cookies were delicious, thank you." - Emily


"Those were the most incredible cookies! We will be placing more orders soon."  -Debbie, Jane Magazine 


"Your truffles, cookies and brownies are the best.. I have never tasted anything like them... I'll give you a testimonial any time." - Barbara 


"My employees can't stop eating your brownies and cookies! Very productive gift. Well Done!!!" - Starcom  


"Working with Geoff and Drew

's Incredible Cookies has been a fantastic experience. Not only are we able to send a tasteful thank you gift to our clients, but it's tasty as well.  We like the product and presentation. &nbs


We don't come across as many opportunities to order goodies from you guys as we would like; but when an occasion does arise we are all over it! For example, we sent some brownies to a colleague as a "Get Well Soon" gesture, and as you can see they were a big hit! This particular colleague makes homemade brownies and delvers them to all employees in the office every Friday, so we knew he would love your brownies!
Happy Spring :) Warm Regards, -Lindsey B.

I placed an order on Tues. late afternoon and my daughter received her Classic Signature Tin today. I was pleased with the promptness of service and she was sure pleased with the quality and freshness of your products. I will definitely use your company for gift ideas in the future. I have had the site bookmarked for about a year now. I saw an article in a magazine. I wish I had not waited so long to utilize your service.


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