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Gourmet Magazine
April 2003 - "Cookies so fresh and flavorful we'd consider passing them off as our own."

About Geoff & Drew's
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About Geoff & Drew's

The Finest, Freshest and Greatest Tasting Cookies and Brownies 

We launched on September 9th of 2001 as Late Night Cookies, LLC - a cookie and milk delivery service in Boston, Massachusetts. Our recipe for success was simple - to do the basics exceptionally well and the tough stuff too, never cut corners, love our business and LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS.

For the first two years we did not sleep much and learned. The greatest lesson I could share is not to confuse the hobby of baking and a passion for doing it with the business of baking and the committment required to be successful at the next level. This is where our diverse team was invaluable. Our vision for the future was forming as we experienced how customers were responding to our cookies and brownies, the packaging, presentation and a desire to have a relationship with our brand and us. As luck would have it, one satisfied customer in particular, Gourmet Magazine, wrote a wonderful article about the cookies and a star was born. We renamed the Company to Geoff & Drew's in late 2003 to focus on consumer and coporate gifting and the rest as we say is baking history!

Our commitments since day one have been to produce and sell only the finest, freshly baked cookies, brownies and bakery gifts. This means satisfying our customers 100%, operating a great business that keeps its promises to its customers and employees, helps out the community and supports good people and causes. Five years later, we're a nationally respected company on par with peers who have been in business for 25-75 years. 

We have successfully brought together a wonderful tasting, highest quality product with a friendly business approach and an elegant look and feel. Our luxurious and indulgent bakery creations are very special indeed made with only the finest ingredients from around the world, packaged to perfection, and the promise of the highest quality and freshness. Our reputation for quality, freshness and fine craftsmanship is baked into everything we do. Geoff & Drew's national praise and critical acclaim has set the highest standards by which all other cookies, bakery fresh companies and gifts of this nature are measured. Our recipe for success includes:

This ensures the trademark full bodied flavor and fresh from the oven taste which Geoff & Drew's is nationally acclaimed for. All ingredients are the finest in the market

  • Recipe and production techniques passed down for 3 generations including smaller batch size production to ensure even distributions of chocolate chunks, raisins and various add-ins elements.
  • All cookies and brownies are baked to order 
  • Channel selectivity – Geoff & Drew's does not sell any of its products in supermarkets, convenience stores or any form of retail which would compete with the high end nature of our products or purpose for giving gifts.
  • Geoff & Drew's critical acclaim is unparalleled – Gourmet Magazine, NY and LA Times, The Today Show, Family Circle, Modern Bride, US News and World Report, National Public Radio and More.
  • The products are all natural. No preservatives or trans fats. 

About MeCarol Spickler - President & Cheif Cookie Girl   White Glove service to all of our customers.  As Chief Cookie Girl I oversee all aspects of bakery.  I oversee customer service, sales, marketing, accounting, website content and production. I make sure all the pieces fit together. I believe we have the most delicious gifts with the most elegant and hip packaging. I love what we do. I love our products, packaging and that we get to "bake people happy everyday"! We're always working on new products as we discover what's working and areas of opportunity to "Wow" the customer. A friend once said and I wholeheartredly agree..  "If it ain't fun, why do it?" 

About Me -  Drew Koven -  Set on Geoff & Drew's being the best at every level, I believe that Geoff & Drew's is only as good as the last cookie or brownie we baked, gift we sent out, and the level of service we provided. We are really messengers for our customers who count on us to express their appreciation, love, admiration, sorrow and deepest emotions to one another. This is the fuel that drives the business. The web allows us to speak directly with our customers.

About Me -  Geoff Auslen - Paying Attention to detail - As Chief Baking Officer we need to bake it just right everyday. If just one ingredient is wrong, it upsets the delicate balance of what we're trying to achieve. Our customers know our products and are counting on us to dazzle their taste buds. I'm not sure why it worked out this way, but I have an acute sense of smell and taste. I can dissect the ingredients of a product and tell you what it has, does not have, has too much of, too little of.

About Me - Hilary Rosengard - Paying Attention to Organization - As Vice President of Operations & Chief Cookie Monster in a business where everything is made to order, organization is key. Managing the high degree of personalization and customization that we offer and the team that has to produce - requires an understanding that no two days are ever the same. I see the business from the inside out - what it really takes to make each and every order right from baking, to gift packaging and making sure they get out the door!

About Me - Jennie Ackney-  Chief Cookie Monger. She is our operations extrodinare!  Jennie is our right hand girl for making sure all the orders are perfect and delicious!!  We are lucky to have her on our team.

About Me - Suzanne Frazer - Cookie Guru -  Cookie Queen &  Manager of 100% Satisfaction. I keep  our customers happy.  I love the smell of the bakery in the mornings! They call me Ms B and I promise to take good care of you. If you have any questions or issues let me know and I will make it right!

About Me - Kristin Pini -  Official Dough Girl. Provide excellent cookie consulations, helping you find the perfect gifts to send to your clients. From customization with logos, products and messages. Kristen will help you make a lasting impression.  Kristen can't get enough of our White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies.  We see her sneaking her hand in the cookie jar!!

About Me - Sirlene Barros -  Baker Extraordinaire!!!  Also known as Tia, our favorite aunt. Tia is our master head chef.  Testing, baking, perfecting!  Her cookies and brownies are a masterpiece.  Simply works of delicious art!

About Me - Carlos Muchado - Brownie Creator and Jack of all trades,  Carlos is our go to guy, he is super dependable and can fix anything.  Not to mention he can bake the most delicious cookies and brownies on the planet!!

About The Company - According to the National Press and Food Critics alike, Geoff & Drew's Incredible Cookies bakes the most delicious cookies in the World! Gourmet Magazine says our cookies are “so fresh and flavorful we'd consider passing them off as our own” and The Today Show calls them “unbelievably delicious and creative”.  

We are Nationally Recognized and Acclaimed for making cookies the way they were meant to be – freshly baked to order and sent directly from our ovens to you and your recipients on the same day they were made. Flavorful, sweet smelling, soft in the center and crunchy on the edge – they don't get any better than ours. You taste the pure vanilla, grade A butter, gourmet chocolates, cinnamon, plump raisins and more, uninterrupted by additives or preservatives.  The most popular question we're asked is why our cookies taste so great? The answer is actually quite simple.  Our cookies are not chemical laden, mass produced, pre-made, or flash frozen, and our marketing plan is not based on a corporate concoction! Elegant, fun or distinctively packaged, we let you recognize, reward, remember or rejoice with the Perfect gifts for ANY and EVERY gift-giving occasion. Bring back great memories and be remembered with “The Authentic Cookie” from “The Authentic Cookie People” - Geoff & Drew's – The Real Deal in Cookies.

 Today, Geoff & Drew's products are award winning and the company is nationally recognized for making gift giving delicious, easy and enjoyable. We offer an extensive selection of the finest and freshest cookies, brownies, biscotti, designer cookies, party favors, chocolates and coffees – perfect for any and every gift-giving occasion.

We have wonderful gifts or all of your Corporate Needs: Sales Incentive Gifts, Lead Generation Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Corporate Gifts and More.  We have delicious gifts for the hotel and travel industry.  Welcome Gifts, Turn down Gifts and more.  Would you like to set up a Birthday Program? Do you need Birthday Gifts for your employee's or clients? We can help! We think about cookies in a whole new way. Cookies make people happy and our gifts are meant to help you achieve your objective. 

Our Product and Service Commitment

Geoff & Drew's product commitment is to provide the freshest, most delicious gifts of cookies, brownies and treats in the world to our customers. We use only the finest ingredients, from the freshest butter and unbleached flour, to gourmet chocolate and pure vanilla. Our products are all natural, without preservatives, and shipped fresh.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what a tremendous response I got after sending a gift basket to one of my clients, to welcome them to their new office space. They thought the cookies were “out of this world”, and said they wowed the whole office. Thanks, so much, for helping me to distinguish myself to them.I look forward to speaking again soon!


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